Welcome Message

President’s Welcome message

Greetings from the Myanmar Karatedo Federation.  

A warm welcome to all at the forthcoming gathering for the Karatedo Competition in the Sea Games. Regarding the Karatedo team, I feel great pride participating for Myanmar in the 27th Sea Games commemorating with full appreciation as the host country after a period of 44 years.

Since many months ago we have been carrying out preparations in advance with the utmost effort in our excitement for the smooth celebration of the Sea Games as the host country and have now completed the scheme.

For Karatedo sport lovers who support all athletes to gain famous, high-status achievements from South East Asia to Asia, and then to the World Championship, by the alliance among ASEAN countries to provide assistance for less developed countries to form strong unified Karatedo, all of us shall collaborate and cordially wish gratitude to all concerning who contributed valuable support for Myanmar Karatedo in all aspects.

Dr. Win Zaw

World Karate Federation

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